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hum... esta página é antiga (2020): lê o disclaimer ou procura outra mais recente

Saudosos de tempos mais simples quando ainda se escrevia o book (*) Pun intented à mega corporação que estão a pensar., comunidades solidárias pré e pós conspurcação pelo $$$, a enésima rant ao estado da web que hoje excepcionalmente terminamos em notas positivas — sort of. Cruzamos o "Lurking: How a Person Became a User" com o anúncio do SOLRAD a emancipar utilizadores novamente a pessoas. Estes últimos não precisam de mais apresentações, do primeiro dizem-nos "a vision of how people are able to eke out something positive in a putatively free and creative space that’s come firmly under the thumb of corporate control":

In the ’90s, the internet was smaller and weirder, less corporatized and more cobbled together, like a record store before iTunes. There were not a lot of resources devoted to reporting on technology. In most aspects this was for the better, and the adoption of the internet has been better to marginalized communities, but... that was also about the time that the funding was coming in. Someone who was creating, say, a small decentralized community for a specific group of people would not have luck finding investors, as opposed to Facebook, which sought to build a platform for all.
in "So no one told us the internet was gonna be this way" 28 fev 2020

E o "small decentralized community for a specific group" vs plataformas investidas, a nossa deixa ao colinho tech — como nos good ol' dayz! — que o hub da crítica comics mais interessante de 2020 promove aos peeps --- como já tantas vezes por aqui lamuriámos até a propósito dos 'tugas.

The goal of SOLRAD PRESENTS is to give artists the ability to have a permanent home for comics projects that have previously existed on sites like Instagram or Patreon, or sites that used to function but now no longer do so. While we know this won’t replace good old-fashioned RSS feeds or webcomics, nor will it replace hubs like Webtoon or Tapas, the team at Fieldmouse Press and SOLRAD want to offer small press cartoonists a place to maintain their work at no cost to them, where they retain all rights in perpetuity, and offer them an additional audience they may not have in other places.
in "Announcing: SOLRAD PRESENTS" 27 mar 2020

... que nos devolve ao texto anterior do qual destacamos a propósito daquelas boas almas que remam contra a corrente para manter a web indie:

the internet needs its librarians

They’re all doing what they can with limited resources to make the internet better. To make it as positive as it can be.
in "So no one told us the internet was gonna be this way" 28 fev 2020

Por isso animem-se: tudo acaba bem.