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"Heartbreak" by Emmet Kirwan

Mais uma a acrescentar às previsões do ano por vir que podemos apontar como tendência a arrumar em déjà-vu: começamos a dissecar esse declínio institucional antes da própria imprensa se ter apercebido que montávamos cerco ao castelo estabelecimento.

Can journalism reinvent itself for a post-institutional era?

Instituições, aquelas elites desapaixonadas, e os seus cães de serviço.

Media organizations have historically [relied] heavily on the institutional apparatus of the societies they cover. During the course of the 20th century, representatives of large bureaucracies became accustomed to furnishing information in a rational and dispassionate manner to journalists, usually with an aim towards reaching consensus on important societal issues. Governments, large corporations, political parties, major nonprofits, and so on have been the leading providers of the raw materials that often form the basis of the media’s accounts.

Positioning themselves as the critical mediator between institutions and the public has been the foundation of the media’s cultural power in society [que] have tried to enact this role by presenting bureaucratically oriented accounts, filled with verifiable facts, explained in rational terms, and rendered in dispassionate language. But [...] the weakening of the institutional apparatus of society threatens to erode the cultural infrastructure of how the media has made knowledge in recent history.
in "Reimagining the media for post-institutional times" dez 2018

Uma nova era mais 1) social:

We live in an era in which the power of institutions is in decline and that of social movements is on the rise. Social media have made it easier for movement leaders and members to communicate among themselves and with the population at large, bypassing journalistic organizations. To put it bluntly, the media do not mediate as they used to.

in "Reimagining the media for post-institutional times" dez 2018

...e mais 2) emotiva:

This trend has been coupled with foregrounding in public discourse a rhetoric centered on claims often expressed and interpreted with high levels of emotionality.
in "Reimagining the media for post-institutional times" dez 2018

Sem porteiros à entrada têm que repensar a lógica da discoteca.

An effective way of harnessing the energy of the contemporary cultural moment

This form of social organization has been gradually becoming the main conduit to express a mounting generalized disenchantment with the ability of existing institutions to adequately address systemic inequities in critical dimensions of social life. This process might lead media organizations towards a path relying less than before on the issues, information, and perspectives provided by elite institutional players. This might open up spaces in the news for voices representing the interests and concerns of a greater variety of groups increasingly dissatisfied with the traditional institutions of society.
in "Reimagining the media for post-institutional times" dez 2018

Incorporating a greater array of voices not necessarily aligned with longstanding institutional actors might lead to an editorial product more prone to interpret claims and conflict in a systemic manner — rather than as episodic anomalies to be solved by institutionally-oriented consensus.
in "Reimagining the media for post-institutional times" dez 2018

Redes sociais, emoções, e outra "maneira eficaz de aproveitar a energia do momento cultural contemporâneo" — porque afinal este é um zine cultural —, segue-se a poesia. A "finally coming to thrive" com a "incorporação de um maior número de vozes não necessariamente alinhadas a actores institucionais de longa data mais propensos a interpretar alegações e conflitos de maneira sistêmica em vez de anomalias episódicas," representando "os interesses e preocupações de uma maior variedade de grupos cada vez mais insatisfeitos com as instituições tradicionais da sociedade."

"The story of a young Irish woman, raised in an oppressive patriarchy and poverty, who scrambles to survive before finally coming to thrive."