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It had become impossible to combine domesticity and creative work. I could not adjust myself to the routine of domesticity. There was a feeling always that I was shut in — that I didn’t belong to myself. I missed my old solitude, the easy-going way of having my meals any time I wanted to, of going to bed at any hour and getting up when I liked. Day after day this kind of living annoyed me. Why must I stop for lunch at twelve o’clock if I happened to be right in the swing of an absorbing cartoon? To be courteous? Which comes first — I kept asking myself — dutiful domesticity or draftsmanship and dreams? These things continually irked me, and left scars, and I was envious of artists who could ‘let go’ when their emotions got pent up, who could raise hell if interrupted at their work by foolish questions. I began day-dreaming about open roads and fields—the soil, rippling streams, and the sunshine as I knew them in boyhood. If only I could go barefoot again, wade in a creek and feel the cool touch of plowed ground. If only I could let the warm sun soothe the back of my neck while I stood with naked feet on a grassy knoll. I would be well again mentally as well as physically. The fact that the bars which formed my cage were invisible made them no less real. I realized that something had happened inside of me when I married that had crippled me — nothing, of course, that one could describe in words.
in "The Life and Dedication of Art Young: An Impassioned Cartoonist of Uncompromising Principle" 26 nov 2018
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Humor e! depressão, esqueceram-se? Fechamos de prisões invisíveis e sonhos de céus ao sol e sanidade mental com mais palavras a não ser ditas.

♪ Every morning, every day ♪
♪ I am hoping for the chance to get away ♪
♪ In the evening, every night ♪
♪ I am dreaming of a chance to make it right ♪
♪ Every chance that I get ♪
♪ I am placing a bet ♪
♪ On the sun in the sky ♪

♪ And if you take this away from me ♪
♪ I'll never forgive you, can't you see? ♪
♪ Our life will be broken ♪
♪ Our hate will be unspoken ♪

♪ I can feel those metal chains ♪
♪ And they're holding back the hope that keeps me sane ♪
♪ I can fight back, yes I can! ♪
♪ Because I'm strong enough to show you I'm a man ♪
♪ And I hate what you do ♪
♪ When your poison seeps through ♪
♪ And you're laughing at me

♪ And if you take this away from me ♪
♪ I'll never forgive you, can't you see? ♪
♪ Our life will be broken ♪
♪ Our hate will be unspoken ♪

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