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I knew I wasn't going to be able to survive this. Comics is beyond a profession to me. It's everything. That might sounds sad and pathetic to some, but this culture and medium gave me the greatest joy in life. [...] I'm a solitary guy and I've put every ounce of my time and life into my work for around the past 20 years. I never felt satisfied with my skill so I constantly worked really hard and tied it all to my identity and self worth.
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Raramente fazemos qualquer menção neste espaço aos que se vão, faz parte da vida. Abrimos excepção porque esta foi uma saída pela porta dos fundos que não devia passar em branco. Ed Piskor matou-se ontem. Podemos adivinhar como ("I'm sorry to my family for making such a mess (no pun intended) and for creating this hassle"), não há dúvidas no porquê, publicou online as suas despedidas.

What a week. I wouldn't wish this shit on my worst enemy. Leave it to me to get into trouble without ever leaving the house. I don't have email addresses for any of my family. Please get this message to them.

Once again, I'm guilty of being stupid. No doubt. But, that's all. I never thought in a million years that I'd take this step but I also never in a million years thought that something so Orwellian would ever happen to me. Ya never know in this life.

I was murdered by Internet bullies. Massive amounts of them. Some of you out there absolutely contributed to my death as you were entertaining yourself with gossip. I wasn't AI. I was a real human being. You chipped little bits of my self esteem away all week until I was vaporized. Maybe I'll be able to haunt you dorks as a ghost. I come from Gypsy heritage and I'm definitely cursing a lot of you.
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Da primeira vez que o encontrámos (nas páginas da Boing Boing: "Hip-Hop Family Tree") fomos surpreendidos pela dissonância de temas clássicos, linhas clássicas, criador tão novo. O seu último adeus ao universo é-nos igualmente dissonante no misto público / privado dos seus pensamentos. Reproduzimos partes para contrariar o seu fatalismo ("maybe this drastic move will convince a few? Doubt it will have much of a blip"), e parte para processar as escolhas feitas. Pequeno-longo texto, entre o enunciar das acusações que lhe fazem e o seu repudiar, ("You were waiting for something to blow out of proportion and it got served to you on a silver platter. [...] Congratulations. You got your pound of flesh."), especial mágoa contra quem pede justiça depois da morte ("my house was burning and she threw gasoline on it"),

I'm dead. I don't have a reason to lie. Hold Molly Wright accountable, please. Reputation destruction is her form of aggression and there were very real consequences. My lawyer is Harris Miller. [...] Now that I'm officially checked out I think my family has a civil lawsuit and she should be held accountable.
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...a sua clareza de ideias a momentos de terminar a sua vida causa-nos a estranheza maior. Misturado entre a defesa da sua inocência ("Im doing it out of intense shame, a private and solitary mind can't take it") e injustiça sentida que o levam a cometer suicídio ("I have no friends in this life any longer. I'm a disappointment to everybody who liked me. The instinctual part of my brain knows that I'm no longer part of the tribe. I'm exiled and banished."), deixa-nos seu último testamento (sobre último testamento) — que editamos para brevidade:

I put my last will in testament together. Freewill.com. Great service in a pinch. I actually found a nice lady and witnesses who notarized it and made it official on a Sunday morning. How's that for efficiency? It's sitting on my brown desk in the corner. Mom, dad, get this will of mine straight and move into a nice home that doesn't have many stairs. Leave whatever you don't use the rest of your lives to my siblings. Please make good use of what I've built up and take comfort for the rest of your years. This will give my life and this tragedy of events some positive meaning.

These are the files for Switchblade Shorties. Please download it and maybe a book deal can be made for my heirs. [...] We were supposed to sign a $75k contract with Abrams. Maybe in death, a bidding war among publishers will push the price up even higher. Bob [Mecoy: o seu agente], can you try to get my folks a sweet deal? My family can use the money. Please download these files asap while my Google drive exists but they are also on the portable hard drive in my backpack that I had with me during my final act. Don't let the cops keep it forever. I brought my data with me so that it would be easy to find.

There's a black hardcover sketchbook full of autobiographical comics on my brown desk, standing up, in the hutch next to drawing tablets, that I intended to see print when I passed away. Hopefully it can find a publisher and get released.  I didn't sign any paperwork on that with Fanta [Fantagraphics] so Bob, maybe you can help my parents there too?

I realize that I didn't make any notes in the will about my authored books and intellectual properties. Jim Rugg [com quem mantinha uma parceria no Youtube: "Cartoonist Kayfabe"], can you maybe help make sure my people don't get jacked by the publishers? I haven't gotten my HHFT omnibus royalties so my family should be getting a good check soon. Can someone make sure to hold Fantagraphics accountable with my royalties and perhaps an audit of their accounting books is in order also, to see if I got all that was coming to me.

Jimmy, can you also post our unlisted videos and make our private streams to Patreon live to the public. Please keep cartoonist Kayfabe up and monetized and share half the loot with my family each year. Maybe schedule the vids each day as we did for years until our roster is complete. Don't dissolve the llc but split the take with my heirs.

Hey mom and dad. Liz's rent is $675 and she just paid up through April. Let her move her man in with her if they take that step. Keep the house. It's not too shabby and will bring in a trickle of income each month.

Anastasia James, please hook my parents up with that artwork from the show. These represent some of my best pieces for hip hop family tree and if I salvaged my name at all they will be worth good loot on the market. Don't sell the cover to volume 1 for anything less than $25,000.
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Para citar o próprio, "tone is missing". Esperamos amanhã descobrir que tudo não passa de uma mentira de 1º de abril. Ou, a vida é mesmo assim. Fechamos como Ed P. fechou. Humor, & depressão, senhores. E o $$$, sempre o $$$, senhores.

This is the calmest I've felt all week. It's over for me. I'm sorry for the hurt it'll cause my family and closest buds. I hope it makes people think twice when joining an internet feeding frenzy. There you have it. Control freak 'til the last. Peace out.
Ps. There's $852 in my wallet, cash, in case the Jake's get sticky fingers and steal my shit
Eddie P
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