o que o mundo precisa

Numa altura que as primeiras convulsões da web industrial tornam-se difíceis de ignorar ("Are We Watching The Internet Die?" 11 mar 2024) e a web artesanal continua o que tem sido um muito bom ano ("Why I’m Ready to Party Like It’s 1999… Again" 13 mar 2024), fazemos uma breve intermissão às opiniões do resto do mundo e europa para pulso do universo da indie web, diy. Citamos extensivamente um post recente do Jeremy Keith, "a web developer and author" já visitado neste nosso espaço anteriormente. Mashup:

The two reasons for not writing that I hear most often from people are variations on “I’ve got nothing to say.”

The first version is when someone says they’ve got nothing to say because they’re not qualified to write on a particular topic. “After all, there are real experts out there who know far more than me. So I’ve got nothing to say.”

But then once you do actually understand a topic, the second version appears. “If I know about this, then everyone knows about this. It’s obvious. So I’ve got nothing to say.”

In both cases, you absolutely should be writing and sharing! In the first instance, you’ve got the beginner’s mind—a valuable perspective. In the second instance, you’ve got personal experience—another valuable perspective. In other words, while it seems like there’s never a good time to write about something, the truth is that there’s never a bad time to write about something.
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Duas razões acima, mais uma abaixo — três é um número mágico —, sobretudo esta:

so write! share! publish!

“The world doesn’t need yet another opinion.” This gets me down because it’s hard to argue with. It’s true that the world doesn’t need another think piece. The world doesn’t need to hear your thoughts on some topic. The world doesn’t need to hear what you’ve been up to recently. But you know what? Screw what the world needs.

If we’re going to be hardnosed about this, then the world doesn’t need any more books. The world doesn’t need any more music. The world doesn’t need art. Heck, the world doesn’t need us at all. So don’t publish for the world.

When I write something here on my website, I’m not thinking about the world reading it. That would be paralyzing. I do sometimes imagine that one person is reading it; someone just like me who hasn’t yet had this particular thought, or come up with that particular idea.

I’m writing for myself. I write to figure out what I think. I also publish mostly for myself—a public archive for future me. But if what I publish just happens to connect with one other person, I’m glad.

So, yeah, it’s true that the world doesn’t need you to write and share and publish. Isn’t that liberating? You’re free to write and share and publish for yourself.
in "What the world needs" 19 mar 2024

Libertem-se senhores. Sobre tudo, libertem-se das redes sociais e escrevam em ca(u)sa própria.