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II filosofia de comics

Seguimos exercícios de imaginação e filosofia de vida nesta parte dois com uma segunda parte por terceiros, o qual apregoou na sua primeira da necessidade de uma maior experimentação nos conteúdos e estética dos comics, na produção e distribuição, e "the need to decommodify the making and sharing of comics": "we must learn again to make comics for our own sakes, on our own schedules, in our own styles, for and with our friends" 3 jul 2023. No SOLRAD publicaram a continuação que hoje vos destacamos:

A commitment to robust comics cultures requires a transformation in so many other aspects of life that appear, at first glance, to have nothing to do with comics. What follows is a sketch of this process—an attempt to imagine its necessary conditions and potential affordances—and the performance of an experiment in writing about comics that hopes to provoke a revaluation of the role of comics in our lives.
in "A Speculative Account of a Possible Future of Comics" 5 fev 2024

Às nossas vidas, senhores! Porque sonhar é importante,

While this may be a daydream [é onde] changes in consciousness are first expressed, because it is here where the present state of things is articulated as both intolerable and mutable, where the desire for something better is envisioned and demanded. It is a utopian daydream, to be sure, but a concrete utopia whose seeds are already present before us. In fact, much of what I describe is already going on, already exists in fragments and shards and germinating pockets.
in "A Speculative Account of a Possible Future of Comics" 5 fev 2024

Pockets? Pun! Ou, mais perto das práticas da casa,

...the kind of thing that, once upon a time, you couldn’t have ever dreamed of seeing published, but that was then and this is now and you don’t have to worry about cost or profit or distribution. You will print it yourself with the help of your friends and give it away for free and a small group of people will read it and any even smaller group of people will appreciate it, but that will be enough for you, because it will have been a pleasure to think about and make and share, and you can take all the time in the world.
in "A Speculative Account of a Possible Future of Comics" 5 fev 2024

Obviamente o excerto acima obriga-nos ao interlúdio digital que vcs já esperam de nós: esperámos 20 anos por isto, e temos todo o tempo do mundo.

In 2002, Wired published an article [arguing] that blogging is a fully realized alternative to traditional publications that shifts the “means of production” into the hands of individuals [...] a deeply personal and diverse collection of perspectives that, collectively, create something that borders on a revolution.

There exists a cyclical principle suggesting that every 20 years or so the trends that were once popular will begin to be on the forefront again. What’s old is new again. We are, perhaps, in a 20 year resurgence for the indie web and blogging.
in "We’ve been waiting 20 years for this" 6 fev 2024

Regressando ao diy world-wide free,

The making of shitty, mundane, simple comics and ‘zines that we share only with our friends or ourselves, the experiments in new ways of living together and producing and circulating culture. Start a newsletter, a blog, a reading group; join or start a political organization, a union (of debtors, tenants, workers, students), a mutual aid fund, a cooperative, a strike, a protest, a sit-in, a blockade. Experiment, fail, learn, experiment again. [...] May this daydream attune us to the fact that a better world is possible and that it may, in fact, already be coming into being.
in "A Speculative Account of a Possible Future of Comics" 5 fev 2024

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