broken tech/content culture cycle

A nossa insistência d.i.y. em inteligência artificial e artista vs leitor jorra da mesma veia onde já esvaimos vezes sem conta a nossa excitação pela web circa noventas dois mil:

The original promise of the internet that got so many of us excited about it was disintermediation – getting rid of the middlemen that act as gatekeepers between community members, creators and audiences, buyers and sellers, etc.
in "The (open) web is good, actually"13 nov 2023

...numa web agora dominada por plataformas fechadas dedicadas à extração de rendas dos seus utilizadores. O oposto na open web resumida que se segue — destaques nossos:

An open internet is one [...] founded on access – the ability to know what has gone before, to recall what has been said, and to revisit the context in which it was said. Openness was not, and has never been, a guarantee of a receptive audience or even any audience at all. But because it was easy and cheap enough to put something on the web, you could leave it there long enough for others to find it. That dynamic nurtured an environment where people could have time to warm up to ideas. This is in sharp contrast to the social media world, where [anything] not immediately successful or viral was a waste of time and effort… not worth doing.
in "The (open) web is good, actually"13 nov 2023

OS POSITIVOS: not worth it. Por isso estaremos cá por muito-muito tempo, senhores.

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