como persuadir o mundo

"How do you persuade the whole world to stop eating meat?" ...e usamos o "eat-meat" como placeholder à disparidade entre comportamentos éticos e animalescos. Peter Singer revisita o clássico "Animal Liberation 1975, do qual registamos esta pequena nota. Premissa,

My appeal was to rationality, not emotion. I believed I had proved that there was no reasonable defense for animal cruelty.
in "The Meat Paradox" 24 maio 2023


The most awkward conversations I have had since publishing Animal Liberation have not been with people who reject my arguments, but with those who tell me that they think I'm right—and continue to eat meat anyway.
in "The Meat Paradox" 24 maio 2023

A explicação:

Most people can easily continue doing something they believe is wrong as long as they have plenty of company. I suspect that when these people say they agree with my views, what they're really saying is that they care about animal welfare and climate change, but they're not going to adjust their individual habits until everyone else does.
in "The Meat Paradox" 24 maio 2023

No choque dessa contradição, conclusões: as pessoas conseguem votar contra os seus interesses individuais (*), e isso é positivo.

This doesn't mean that ethical arguments are useless. It means, rather, that their effect is felt most powerfully at the level of the policy changes that voters will support, rather than in people's choice of what to buy at the supermarket. Many people have a sense that their individual actions don't matter, but are in favor of passing laws that would constrain their options.
in "The Meat Paradox" 24 maio 2023

O Pedro canta do reino animal mas que assombramos aqui muitas mais éticas.

*) Exta de votos: sabem-nos onde estamos destas democracias. Em abstracto, a ideia recomenda-se. Na realidade, as maquinações tomaram a máquina. O histórico é evidente: as pessoas votam contra os seus interesses em todas as eleições, só não o sabem. É quando o fazem intencionalmente que a história avança.

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