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"as the special goes on, it gets sadder and stranger"

Seguimos de música – e bastidores – a dever ao humor & depressão com o “Inside” 2021 de Bo Burnham. Já notado na intro do "what." 2013 e “Make Happy” 2016 (*) "Burnham awakes in a hotel room wearing clown makeup and walks to the theatre as robotic voice addresses the audience, commenting on how the world is not funny." Wikipedia por indícios agora escancarados, o seu último mashup audiovisual justifica expectativas. Devem-lhe a mesma distância a qualquer coisa que encontrem por Netflixes —

The aesthetic telegraphs authenticity and vulnerability, but the special’s stunning final shots reveal the misdirection at work, encouraging skepticism of the performativity of such realism. Toward the end, he appears completely naked behind his keyboard. It’s a visual that signifies a man exposing himself, until you realize he’s in a spotlight.
in "Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’: A Comedy Special and an Inspired Experiment" 1 jun 2021

— mas entranhem, engrenhem, a muitas distâncias de todas as coisas que encontrem nesses mesmos canais.

It could be a breakdown – or it could be the pandemic’s wildest gift to comedy.
in “Bo Burnham: Inside review – this is a claustrophobic masterpiece” 31 maio 2021

Obviamente aquilo da internet para parêntesis necessário: sem esta este teria sido muito diferente. Longos parágrafos ou passamos à música, esta upbeat com um breakdown a meio seguida da retoma frenética.

"meanwhile, the Web is always there, taunting him"

Jokes à parte, é mais do que essas. O nosso mashup up para conclusões aceleradas:

It feels as if he has created something entirely new and unlikely, both sweepingly cinematic and claustrophobically intimate, a Zeitgeist-chasing musical comedy made alone to an audience of no one. The reason he started making this special, he explains in the show, is to distract himself from shooting himself in the head. With menacing horror movie sound effects and hectic, dreamy camerawork, what becomes clear is Burnham’s title has a double meaning: referring to being inside not just a room, but also his head.
in "Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’: A Comedy Special and an Inspired Experiment" 1 jun 2021

the biggest risk Burnham takes in the show is letting his emotional side loose, but not before cracking a ton of jokes

“Inside” is a virtuosic one-man musical extravaganza, and also an experimental film about cracking up via Wi-Fi connection while trying to make said one-man musical extravaganza. At the end of the special, he briefly finds a way out of his room and into the sunshine—but the freedom, too, proves to be a ruse.
in "'Inside' Reviewed: Bo Burnham’s Virtuosic Portrait of a Mediated Mind" 5 jun 2021

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