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Webcomics et doutores. Porque escolhemos caminhos menos concorridos na academia (*) Spoiler: 'cuzzz-izzz-fuuun! a propósito de um webcomic do XKCD 2021 que se tornou viral e artigo de revista. Susceptibilidades serão ofendidas, segue-se realidade.

A few really important papers and a whole bunch of stuff that isn’t or shouldn’t be read.

Universities judge their research faculty not so much by the quality of their discoveries as by the number of papers they’ve placed in scholarly journals. “Many papers serve no purpose, advance no agenda, may not be correct, make no sense, and are poorly read. But they are required for promotion.” Scientists joke (and complain) [about] this relentless pressure to pad their résumés.
in "Scientific Publishing Is a Joke" 6 maio 2021

jocámos e bitchámos dessas pressões antes. Há três meses assobiávamos que "podíamos seguir humores na academia, mas já nem nos conseguem um suspiro a custo" 11 fev 2021, há três anos lamuriávamos o academic careerism (*) É uma cena com entrada na Wikipedia. no "regresso ao desencanto habitual que nos conhecem reservado à academia" onde o "papers se encavalitam porque":

Aos teens resta-lhes escolher entre centros de investigação ou centros de chamadas, ambos com as suas metas obrigatórias, são os carreiristas que somam carreira por um carreiro de caca que toda somada não vale caralho.
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Estamos só a parafrasear. Anyhooos, culpados,

I should pause here to acknowledge that I’m a hypocrite. Here I am rehashing the same idea, with an internet-culture angle. Unfortunately, because The Atlantic (*) OS POSITIVOS isn’t included in scientific databases, publishing this piece will do nothing to advance my academic career.
in "Scientific Publishing Is a Joke" 6 maio 2021

---mas a nossa redenção é também a dos outros.

While the XKCD comic can be read as critical of the scientific enterprise, part of its viral appeal is that it also conveys the joy that scientists feel in nerding out about their favorite topics. Publication metrics have become a sad stand-in for quality in academia, but maybe there’s a lesson in the fact that even a webcomic can arouse so much passion and collaboration across the scientific community. Surely there’s a better way to cultivate knowledge than today’s endless grid of black-and-white papers.
in "Scientific Publishing Is a Joke" 6 maio 2021

Aos better ways, senhores! Fechamos com grid a preto e branco em digital: