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Pit stop. Pun! Anyhooos, this is a crime we can confess: counterfeiting someone's title fer tha kink & kicks.

Today in Portugal: Women's Day 2021 in two quick instalments for our international readers. For tha artsy folks, sole republish — now that’s just lazy — in “the evolution of the feminist movements in Lebanon over the course of the century” in "Where to, Marie? Stories of Feminisms in Lebanon" 8 mar 2021. In true tradition of keepin' it hardcore for tha peeps, both cover and preview are shown in Arabic, although the official site supports an international English version. How’s that for non-compromised? Those (anonymous) librarians really double-down on keepin’ people from reading tha good stuff. But than again, on the opposite side of the easy reading spectrum, mo’ good stuff with that same ol’ same ol’ women et comics in "As mulheres na Banda Desenhada" 8 mar 2021:

Podemos dizer que ninguém enaltece tanto as mulheres no mundo da banda desenhada como Milo Manara, mas a verdade é que há várias personagens femininas na BD que se destacam por motivos diversos.
in “As mulheres na Banda Desenhada” 8 mar 2021

For Women's Day, “ninguém” like Manara in the world of comix? For a rough translation to/from portuguese, see second “sugestões de leitura” after Manara: “Alice” de Luís Louro.

busted!: pro-menor nosso

Praise the fairer sex!, with female characters! mainly by guys for guys. There's a moral here, somewhere. Either way, bonkers. Fer fuck’s sake, need mo’ references or fuck off 4 good --- we’ll try Twitter next year, web iz dead, baby, web iz dead.