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Reapropriação cultural, símbolos, culturas de resistência, yadda. Zeitgeist? Assalto ao capitólio? Caso em ponta: nenhum pelos comics, mas encontrámos exemplo com o black metal nazi — que facilmente devolveremos à BD.

it’s never a particularly good time to be a black metal fan

THERE ARE MANY WAYS TO CATCH A NAZI. Often, they make it easy by wrapping themselves in swastikas and trumpeting their repulsive beliefs to whoever will give them a platform. But some prefer to hide in plain sight, or to obscure their intent. It takes time and dedication to flush out a Nazi who does not wish to be recognized, and you’re likely to miss the signs if you’re not conversant in the language. Music and culture writers are used to reading between lines that way, whether they’re unpacking the symbolism behind Taylor Swift’s latest album, decoding a cryptic Instagram post from a mysterious DJ, or digging into the enigmatic poetry of the late, great MF DOOM. The same principle applies to black metal and white supremacy.
in "What covering heavy metal taught me about spotting Nazis - Columbia Journalism Review" 12 jan 2021

Paralelos à música é um acorde que gostamos de tocar neste espaço, e não vos traríamos nota não desconfiássemos que vocês ignoram-nos monumentalmente quando insistimos da relação dos comix ao jornalismo, e é do realm deste último que arrancamos os dizeres que se seguem. OS POSITIVOS: a chatear-vos desde há bués ó-ó-ó. Ontem no CJR:

Journalists tasked with covering politics, technology, and national security would do well to take notes from leftist black-metal aficionados as a way of keeping officials honest and catching them in subtle acts of Nazi signaling. To the antifascist and other political researchers who have been sounding the alarm on these communities for years, the warning signs were obvious.
in "What covering heavy metal taught me about spotting Nazis - Columbia Journalism Review" 12 jan 2021

O canário na mina ("corvo no campanário"?) é aquele subgénero teatral cujas similitudes ao de mais excessivo e púbere nos comics não exige grande esforço de imaginação — cosplay anyone? Nem o desdém (des)merecido com que o renegam ao caixote do lixo da cultura dos folks (*) Palavra armadilhada: aquilo dos contextos, senhores...?. Da imaginação limitada:

When wielded in the wrong hands, black metal’s nihilistic bent, fierce individualist streak, violent history, deep-rooted tolerance for intolerance, appreciation for aesthetic shock value and overall offensiveness, and baked-in affinity for paganism offers a particularly slippery slope down towards full-blown Nazi bullshit. Does metal — specifically black metal — have a Nazi problem? Yes. Is it complicated? Also yes. The semi-subgenre is a haven for of white supremacist, white nationalist, fascist, racist, anti-Semitic, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, and otherwise bigoted viewpoints, but calling them all “Nazis” is an oversimplification.
in "Black metal has a real Nazi problem" 12 abr 2019

Vamos à fonte para tira-teimas. Citamos Euronymous ie Øystein Aarseth, admirador confesso de ditaduras comunistas ("Ceausescu was great, we need more people like him, Stalin, Pol Pot too." 29 abr 2008) e co-fundador e guitarrista dos mui míticos Mayhem. Famoso em vida, "a victim of his own hype", "too high on himself", a ponto de "there were a lot of people talking about getting Øystein out of the scene, as in, killing him" 22 mar 2019, tornado lenda quando calha ao seu baixista e conhecido racista de serviço Count Grishnackh ie Varg Vikernes o consumar do acto em 23 investidas com a faca de cozinha do primeiro, e cujo fuckfest de suicídios / homicídios & igrejas reaproveitadas como lenha é parte incontornável do folclore nórdico neste género musical e argumento de horror-thrillers Wikipedia:

In a private letter written in the early '90s, Euronymous claimed that "almost all" Norwegian black metal bands at the time were "more or less Nazis," including Mayhem.
in "Euronymous" consult. jan 2021

Compliquemos. Tão óbvia a sua filiação que possuiu sigla própria:

National Socialist black metal (NSBM), a catchall term for bands that overtly promote fascist and white supremacist ideology, has been knocking around since the nineties. The satanic or otherwise occult influence in black metal has also made space for various neo-Nazi groups to gain purchase flogging racist paganism, Luciferian ideals, Evolian philosophy, and esoteric fascism. The web of connection between black metal and fascism is astonishingly vast. What I didn’t realize was how it would lead, ultimately, to an attack on the Capitol.
in "What covering heavy metal taught me about spotting Nazis - Columbia Journalism Review" 12 jan 2021

O destaque acima uma ref ao qanon-shaman-maga-supporter tintado de "rune pagan imagery tattoos". Seguimos de diversos artigos por Kim Kelly, "a longtime music journalist and metalhead who is also a dedicated antifascist", ilustrando várias realidades que registámos anteriormente a propósito da cultura fã. Do exemplo a incentivar, o fã como produtor de conteúdos e explorador de sentidos no oposto do consumidor passivo —

sometimes a werewolf is just a werewolf, but often it’s a sign of something more malignant

I trawled the forums where artists and fans converge—the places where right-wing iconography, code words, and fascist ideologies tangle with album news and tour listings. Symbols like the swastika, Totenkopf, and sunwheel are obvious; others, like the valknut, othala rune, or Order of the Nine Angles symbol, are more obscure but just as damning. I’ve had to become adept at deciphering the white supremacist code words, symbols, and dog whistles that litter the black-metal scene. […] By combing through album lyrics, parsing interviews, and inspecting tattoos, journalists covering black metal—and even casual fans—become adept at rooting out bigotry. Doing so has, by now, become a conscious part of the wider black-metal experience: for leftist fans, a familiar ritual involves poring methodically through all available information to decipher an exciting new band’s political position. It’s kind of like playing a heavy metal version of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, except the locus is invariably a Polish neo-Nazi or racist death metal guy from Florida, and winning is really losing. The thrill of discovering a killer new record is attended, always, by anticipation as you scour the lyrics and artwork and member lists and touring history—and then, all too often, you discover that (dammit!) the guitarist has a racist side project.
in "What covering heavy metal taught me about spotting Nazis - Columbia Journalism Review" 12 jan 2021

— ao exemplo a lastimar na base ao artigo base: nazis que se apropriam de simbologia nórdica e respetiva mitologia para inventar a sua própria grunhice, prova infeliz da capacidade de uso & adaptação de artefactos alheios para novos fins.

E de fins, como prometido, devolvemos aos comics. Fácil:

Outside of subcultural niches, not every person who gets a rune or Norse symbol tattoo necessarily fully understands its political and cultural history, especially now that Marvel has brought the legend of Thor and his Hammer back into the mainstream.
in "Runes and other Pagan symbols aren’t inherently racist — but they’ve long been coopted by white supremacists" 8 jan 2021

Piadas aqui, mas é uma vitória sem valia. De volta à relação com os media e a dumbification outside of subcultural niches.

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