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"observation alone does not bring about transformation" 18 maio 20202
A war of varying opinions on 'what it all means' exists, although cloistered in journals written and read by professionals.

Pensávamos ter acabado com as revisões ao sentido da vida e cómicos em fundo mas adiantámo-nos (*) Os P+: sempre à frente.: no TCJ desta semana um último olhar pelo retrovisor a propósito de uma simplicidade que só o é porque cada geração compreende o estado natural do mundo como aquele que conheceu quando era criança – e todos os desvios desse como sinal da decadência-em-progresso, pun-intented. De contemporaneidades, as únicas que os teens conhecem, a ler com o vosso cachimbo de interpretações esotéricas preso pela ponta dos lábios, deixando a tempos escapar desses um "hum-hum" pesado:

Simplification, towards a goal of clarity, dominates.

Comics, in the 21st Century, insists on itself as an art form where information is expressed succinctly, clearly, and with as few moments for ambiguity as possible. We think of comics this way, as a medium that explains itself to us as we read it. Comics anticipate any confusion by providing more information, especially information that exists only to support the dominant message, mostly unseen or unperceived by the viewer. To suggest that the artform is not based on these foundations borders on heresy.
in "Caniff in the 21st Century" 18 maio 2020

E entre os hereges a queimar no poste apontamos os arsty-poetry-experimental-comics, mas já malhamos essa tecla antes, adiante. Cita-se Milton Caniff e como ele "brought a clarity to the medium that was hard fought", particularmente pela adopção de "cinematic and commercial illustration techniques within the medium of cartooning", mas por toda a sua importância subsequente um contraponto à realidade anterior:

And yet, prior to Caniff's emergence, alongside Alex Raymond and Hal Foster, the medium presents itself in radically different clothing. Prior to Caniff, comics largely worked within their own increasingly complex and exciting logic.
in "Caniff in the 21st Century" 18 maio 2020

E cita-se George Herriman para lógica:

Importantly, Herriman's intentions remain non arbitrary, specific to himself

When we look at a page of work by George Herriman, there is much to be discussed within ourselves and with our friends. How the characters pose, think, talk, the placement of certain colors, where ink is employed heavily and where it is not, the way the simple act of walking is depicted, what walking even means in Herriman's world, etc. We will find painful moments expressed here for some, while for others the feeling might be light, or vice versa.
in "Caniff in the 21st Century" 18 maio 2020

Do que é leve para uns e doloroso para outros, concluindo da mesma conclusão aberta a contrariar mensagens dominantes que vestimos neste espaço. Eles dizem comics nós fechamos tríade desses na intersecção aos punx e zines por qualquer medium necessário:

What we have, in the decades leading up to and following comics birth, is an open medium. And this open medium remains with us today, though obscured and on the fringes. It still retains a great potential to be used by artists and by people in general, to express themselves and to communicate. The invisible bar of entry into working with comics makes this potential especially significant. In a moment where artistic expression in other arenas flirts with total corporate and high money domination, a consideration of openness in the last democratic art form might yield a future golden moment.
in "Caniff in the 21st Century" 18 maio 2020

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