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« focus on what you need to say and the rest will fall into place »

"the world's first xerographic image" 22 out 1938

Revistas notas à migração online dos zines, punx edition, parece-nos apropriado recordar o par nesta dança com vez aos cómicos.

Print is not dead, and don’t you forget it! Zines can be virtual but, at the end of the day, zines are zines and a printed copy stills exerts its own power and energy.
in "Review: YEAR OF ZINES! by Sarah Mirk" 11 mai 2020

Seguimos do espírito da época, cortesia do Comics Grinder 11 maio 2020 do qual retalhamos sensibilidades aparentadas com reminiscências a puxar o vosso Duncombe, lembrando que "before the internet, if you were searching for a platform to express yourself, you most likely found your way over to zines:"

It’s so punk. It’s so DIY.

Zines are most often the work of one person, usually someone who finds themselves misunderstood by a general audience, actually enjoys working alone, and yet is also welcoming like-minded souls. You dig? Alrighty then. Another thing you need to know about zines: the creator is often immersed in one particular subject or theme per zine. Zines take dedication. Zines can sometimes seem obsessive but that’s part of the charm.
in "Review: YEAR OF ZINES! by Sarah Mirk" 11 mai 2020

A peça é uma puff-piece humorada escrita pela autora dos zines divulgados (*) "Sarah Mirk is hip to all this and a whole lot more" destinada a empolgar o lifestyle, e estaríamos em falta com o nosso serviço público se não continuássemos lip service aos teens que nunca fizeram puto da vida:

A zine is cool but it’s not meant to be cool. It just is.

Zines can cover virtually any topic or subject. Literally, if there’s something you’d like to discuss, then a zine could be a viable platform for you. And, yes, it’s true: no prior experience in the creation of zines is required or expected. And the most serious of subjects are open for discussion. Zines are often ironic and sarcastic and have a rough and gritty aesthetic. Zines share a bit of the same vibe as spoken word with their direct and concise narrative. If you try too hard to make one, it will show. If you gravitate too quickly to the zine scene without any prior knowledge, it will show–but that’s okay. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that no one owns the zine scene.
in "Review: YEAR OF ZINES! by Sarah Mirk" 11 mai 2020

Mas também estaríamos em falta se não disséssemos aos cotas que os zines não se ficaram pelo tempo das avozinhas. Senhores, aquilo da web?

I hope you will see how accessible and ubiquitous zines are.

Blogging and zine-making share a lot of overlap! In a sense, this review, and certainly this blog, is a zine. See what I mean? You only need to go as far as the nearest desk and chair, or whatever is comparable, and try it out yourself.
in "Review: YEAR OF ZINES! by Sarah Mirk" 11 mai 2020

E como nos zines em papel, do try it ao do it pouca diferença. Começa um zine, dá-lhe um endereço 😊.