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Here’s the thesis: in a movie, bite off a dog’s penis, or lick the seat of a filthy toilet bowl, or fling a baby against a wall, you catch flak from an animal rights group, or risk fatal disease, or get busted for snuffing an infant. But in comics... ART!
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À arte este é o wrong outlet, but in comics...! Roubamos página da história de vida de outros para mashup familiar a tantos mais, quem nunca?, não podíamos terminar de regressos a mais um ano de teses sem um save em notas pessoais. Zeitgeist to tha rescue...:

"In the Wilderness" por Casanova Frankenstein

A collection of bruising, lacerating, autobiographical short stories (...) in a series of comic stories and books, raw, violent, nihilistic, sexually perverse, calling for consciousness obliteration and self-destruction, black ink slashing across his panels like straight razors, through an anti-heroic-to-the-point-of-psychosis alter ego [where he] longs for a relationship.
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the only black punk in town

He will not distract himself with the ass-kissing of commerce. He does not “give a shit about the nonsense and niceties that create economic success. I’d rather just have peace and quiet than... pretending that fucked up shit ain’t fucked up just to make my cheese.”

A major take away is Frankenstein’s devotion to his work, which he has both weaponized for vengeance and taken to, hermit crab-like, for protection. Knowing the facts of Frankenstein’s life enhance the experience of reading them. To see the interplay between creator’s life and creative work is fascinating.
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Que nos conclui apresentações à BD com predileções "in their underground/alternative form", ideal à "expression of the emotions, impulses and attitude that writhed within him":

The most important thing is not to forget, but to record the shittiness you’ve seen...
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♪ Hello stranger ♪ Can you tell us where you've been? ♪
♪ More importantly ♪ How ever did you come to be here? ♪
♪ Though a stranger ♪ You can rest here for a while ♪
♪ But save your energy ♪ Your journey here is far from over ♪

♪ No direction but to follow what you know ♪