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It's a weird time in comics right now -many of the old guard institutions are facing obsolescence.
in "To Be Continued" 1 jul 2019

...começa o último parágrafo do "To Be Continued" no TCJ 1 jul 2019. Razões dessa obsolescência tripartidas (aquilo dos três...) entre i) "their repugnant behavior", ii) "their continued financial ineptitude" e iii) "some because they just don't seem to care about this stuff anymore", terminando com promessa: "it's my aim that the Journal will take the pulse of those things".

Este sentido de missão é reconhecido à espécie, e contra a contínua extinção de blogs e outras fontes de informação nacionais nas intrawebs ao tema passamos palavra às novas gerações a jeito de requisitos às funções:

It's a messy, sprawling thing.

This kind of work is paid attention to by very, very few, cared for by even less, and only provided widespread recognition when it blows up in our faces faces. If you come to it for anything financial, you're a stupid fool, and if you come to it for ego fulfillment, you're something even worse.

We're here to document the passing of its participants, and to ask its newest generation what it is they're seeking to contribute. We're here to wave a dismissive hand at work created by people who dismiss their obligation to not suck. We're here to get overly excited about minute details in a work that you'll never be able to see, but that you'll think about for too long. We're here to pump your brakes, and we're here to get your engine going.
in "To Be Continued" 1 jul 2019

A que cada um faça o que pode à causa. E voltando às old guard institutions em decadência, a nossa promessa-à-missão: OS POSITIVOS, o nosso aim é acelerar-lhes a queda e fazer espaço às newest generations.

to weird times, messy sprawling things and oeuvres in tha makin'