contra a fragmentação e a perda de liberdade

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« we are not entirely determined by our situations »

E só vamos insistir porque esta semana parece ser um tema a deixar já arrumado, prometemos que despachado viramos baterias aos artistas.

This fragmentation leads people to participate in representative democracy only to the extent that they can advance their own partial interests without concern for society. People see common project as fanciful and utopian, so they give up, which in turn increases the social fragmentation further.
in "The Ethics of Authenticity (Chapters 6-10)" 4 jul 2015

Políticas identitárias, anyone? Any-ho, aqui entramos em politics e o real-realism parece agarrar o dreammy-utopismo head on. Se Taylor não defende uma posição intermédia entre os que atacam e defendem a cultura de autenticidade — mas outra forma da pensar — chegados a este ponto receita a posição do meio, com uma nota em porcos capitalistas.

The mistake on both sides is thinking that a single principle is sufficient to organize a society. There will always need to be some work of balancing the two sides, which will play out as an unending struggle.
in "The Ethics of Authenticity (Chapters 6-10)" 4 jul 2015

Just because a final victory is impossible does not mean the whole venture of struggle is futile
  • 1) It is naive to think we can run a country purely on a decisionist model — there must be some allowance for undecided mechanics to play a role (mainly market mechanics)
  • 2) Some in the West assume that the collapse of communism is an endorsement of Western free-markets, which is equally a mistake. Stability, and hence efficiency, couldn’t survive this massive withdrawal of government from the economy, and it is doubtful if freedom either could long survive the competitive jungle that a really wild capitalism would breed.
in "The Ethics of Authenticity (Chapters 6-10)" 4 jul 2015

Reforçando, e notamos que o texto é um original de 1992 à laia de recordar aqueles que não sabem de onde veio tanto populismo:

Collaboration of market and bureaucratic democracy weakens democratic impulses in the populace and leads people “to accept too easily being governed by an ‘immense tutelary power’". In contemporary U.S. politics critics on the left and right have decried the rise of apathy and cynicism as well as the decline of voting rates. Moreover, political and judicial issues are increasingly determined in a winner-take-all way.
in "The Ethics of Authenticity (Chapters 6-10)" 4 jul 2015

Para acabar em nota positiva — porque está no nome:

Resisting this fragmentation is an effort we can make, and while there is no specific system for doing so, just recognizing that it is happening and that we are not entirely determined by our situations would go a long way.
in "The Ethics of Authenticity (Chapters 6-10)" 4 jul 2015

Senhores, isso reconhecemos. Mais: repetimos aos teens para que eles possam começar essa corrida um pouco mais à frente do que aqueles que vieram antes. Mas, voltando àquilo do nome? A ler com o seu quê de ironia, e isso os miúdos também precisam de saber.

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