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Geee, really? Cof-cof, o nosso programa é agora mainstream. Mashup de anúncio com intenções muito próximas às do vosso sítio alternativo em comics e (falta de) civismo. E o título? Generoso a segundas interpretações: "First Second to Launch World Citizen Comics" 13 mar 2019.

First Second Books, Macmillan’s graphic novel imprint, is launching a line of nonfiction graphic works focused on civic involvement and media literacy. These books are a response to the next generation and nonfiction comics are ideal for this.

The combination of the visual and words act almost like theater.

The imprint has signed a lineup of noted journalists and constitutional scholars. Among the initial titles is Citizen Journalist by [Seth] Abramson and [Scott] McCloud, described as a combination textbook and graphic nonfiction manifesto about the impact of independent journalism on the world. WCC is also publishing Unrig: How to Fix Our Broken Democracy by Dan Newman, founder of Maplight.org, a nonpartisan organization that tracks money and politics, and cartoonist George O’Connor, creator of the bestselling Olympians graphic novel series.

Com edições "aimed at adults, young adults and middle grade readers"...

WCC titles will feature media literacy - learning to understand the nature of persuasion, advertising and other aspects of media so we can’t be easily manipulated by hatred and lies.

...prometendo entre outros:

  • The Media Adventurer’s Handbook: Decoding Persuasion in Everyday News, Ads and More (middle grade)
  • Breaking (the) News: Using Media Literacy to Decode What We Watch (young adult)

Comix como difusão às politics, os media pelo meio, e chegar aos adultos começando pelos wee-ones. Obrigado por aparecerem, atrasados mas conta. A terminar, só para martelar bem a coisa, aquilo da web? Check.

In order to get the information out as quickly as possible, a number of WCC titles will be serialized online in advance of print publication. First Second has often used online serialization / web comics.

Só faltam os zines e acordar à versão de cívico que apelam - mas civilização para outro dia, hoje ficamos pelos moldes da coisa. E por falar em teatro...