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Fechámos os acessos, ameaçamos de filosofia em tema central, "os putos crescem" rebeldes, yadda yadda yadda...: era uma questão de tempo — não é sempre? — e a mais pequena coisa haveria de o causar. Como habitual, chega-nos do lado menos suspeito. Do "Cyanide Milkshake" da Liz Suburbia — que não revisitávamos desde 2015 – no TCJ de hoje:

The simplicity of her tools (Sharpies) is belied by her relentless work ethic.

A mix of '80s alternative comics variety and '90s DIY punk ethos. It's a different kind of punk, drawing from the same frustrations with society but expressing them in a fluid, elegant, and witty manner [and!] editorials that rail against defeatism, complacency, or the idea that the punk aesthetic and lifestyle is a mark of immaturity--something one grows out of when you get a mortgage.

There's another (possibly autobiographical) strip about trying to pee standing up that has a perfect progression of mishaps.
in "Thee Collected Cyanide Milkshake" 19 mar 2019

Hey, faz parte. Mas, gettin' serious —

In "No Identity", Suburbia gets serious, revealing that pushing herself to finish Sacred Heart broke her, as her lack of self-care led to depression and severe anhedonia. It got to the point that the thought of making comics was upsetting to her, and she preferred to live life for a while pursuing the most basic, visceral experiences: eating, sleeping, exercising, and having sex.
in "Thee Collected Cyanide Milkshake" 19 mar 2019

Identidade, subúrbios, corações partidos, lack of self care e depressões e voltar ao básico? Punk ao contrário do que esperam deste, marcar posição contra hierarquias, fazer algo pelos outros porque estamos todos ligados:

Punk doesn't mean "no future" and alienation; rather, it's about community and reclaiming identity in the face of the dominant hierarchies. The epitome of "do something" ethos, because creating instead of consuming is a positive action, but also because one never knows how one's creations might inspire others.
in "Thee Collected Cyanide Milkshake" 19 mar 2019

The ending of this story had no end.

O wink do universo que faltava. Retomamos linhas mestras nas próximas instalações com desculpas adiantadas por não revelarmos demasiado em intenções — também faz parte. Autenticidade, o digest (*) Coincidências, shit-u-not, também de 2015. de terceiros. O vosso teaser:

Choice for the sake of choice is only valuable insofar as we choose well, which means that act of choosing is less important than the object of choice. Such objects cannot be determined by the chooser; rather, they are determined in dialogue with other people. Other people, in other words, are in some way necessary to personal responsibility and authenticity inasmuch as they help determine what a good life looks like.
kgspencer in "The Ethics of Authenticity (Chapters 6-10)" 4 jul 2015

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