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1 day ago: money can't buy

So, we-back. And greeted with a reminder from heaven and hell: time = money (divided by some other nonsense 13 jan 2019). U folks know how we like tha roll tha dices: tha sayin’ goes "realize how arbitrary rules are in the first place", so we might as well try tha read into tea leaves to make sense of it all. It’s scientific, fer sure.

Aa-a-a-nd shiiit: we like to think there's something to be said on tha particular sequence above. You know: reading the inbetweens of tha universe and drawing straight lines outta chaos. And we like to think. And we like to say shit. Let's get this show on tha road, shall we?

Case u were wondering, our two cents:

  • 30k — 4.5k / 3 = 8500 — taxes = 6,375 / 14 months = grand total of 455.36 month for a fulltime job (two hundred pages graphic novel) on contractual obligations.
  • Fuck that, get a job, do ur comix without strings attached.

Rather have tha time than tha money: don't fuck with my time, u can't afford it.

♪ Overbearing advertising ♪ God of consumers ♪ And all your crooked pictures looking good ♪ The bottom line is money nobody gives a fuck ♪