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hum... esta página é antiga (2018): lê o disclaimer ou procura outra mais recente

Aquela altura do ano. Façam as vossas próprias leituras – mas grosso modo alguns eixos transversais — e, paradoxalmente, opostos — à maioria das peças, por esta ordem de importância: 1) $$$ e 2) credibilidade/confiança: "quem vai pagar pelo nosso trabalho?" e "como vão continuar a acreditar em nós?".

Voltaremos a revisitar este post no fim-de-semana depois de todos os artigos publicados, ficam apenas três notas rápidas.

Da morte dos sítios notíciosos, poucas vezes discutido, uma observação pertinente:

How would we know that it is time to throw in the towel? And then what?

Does anyone have any illusions about the life cycle of media anymore? In 2019 and on, it will be time to face that fact that every website, magazine, podcast, blog, and newsletter — like people — will die, and we must prepare for this event to happen with dignity or it will not.

There is a semi-atemporality to web interfaces, which means that even a publication that hasn’t been updated in years might look like it’s still active. That irresolute state communicates to future readers that no one cared to treat it well in its final days. Perhaps no cared about it ever. All the work the editors and writers put into those publications now feels stranded and buried rather than properly contextualized and reflected on.
in "Building a digital hospice" dez 2018

A reflectir.

Aos comics, o melhor candidato so far:

In the years to come, investing in news features that break down the traditional boundaries of visual communication is the most exciting storytelling opportunity for the contemporary newsroom.

With more ways than ever to present visuals, journalism has the opportunity to come to life in a hybrid format that borrows from documentary films, graphic design, and even social media’s visual lingo, such as gifs.
in "News — but make it cinematic" dez 2018

When news departments approach features with a holistic storytelling approach, real magic can happen.

Putting together a news feature that incorporates text, graphic design, original photography, video, and gifs (…) is a real opportunity for news departments. Approaching storytelling with an outlook that aims to incorporate all of the visual tools available doesn’t just bring narratives to life in ways not previously possible. It also gives readers compelling reasons to stay, and to share.
in "News — but make it cinematic" dez 2018

Aos realistas, o melhor resumo dos dias por vir:

Freed from the shackles of advertising, reporters can focus on stories that matter to their audiences (...) becoming a trusted institution in their communities by respecting their users’ time, intelligence, and privacy.

If that all sounds like a pipe dream, that’s because it is. My real prediction for 2019? Most newsrooms continue the status quo. More layoffs. More closures. More failure. My hope is the fire burning all around the industry becomes too large to ignore. This is not fine.

Here’s what I do know. We have to share our knowledge.
in "This is journalism’s do-or-die moment" dez 2018

Podem ler a totalidade das previsões no "Niemanlab Predictions for Journalism 2019" dez 2019. Por agora estamos despachados. Toalha sff.

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