Notámos atrás o decay da linguagem e divórcio entre palavras e seu sentido, "opening up a chasm between a leader’s real and declared aims", especificamente Trumpo:

This is why the US and the world feel so disoriented by the stream of lies issued by the Trump White House and the president’s use of language
in "The death of truth: how we gave up on facts and ended up with Trump" 14 jul 2018

...de quem notámos ainda como se diz e desdiz para qualquer ocasião:

Vai dizer o que quer, dependendo de quem está ao lado e, no dia seguinte, muda tudo na solidão do Twitter ou vice-versa.
in Os gnomos de Trump e o Senhor das Moscas" 14 jul 2018

...em intro a desenvolvimentos em sabotar linguagens mediáticas e humor, comédia e nite shows, levar a sério o expor ao ridículo. O resto faz manchetes: o boastful buffoon socorre-se de um mau uso da linguagem para contradizer o dia anterior, em paralelo o excelente "A Very Stable Genius" 16 jul 2018 (des)construído da sua tour europeia faz os giros em redes sociais. O zeitgeist providencia sempre.

Trolls, memes (visuais, audiovisuais, mix-mediáticos ), feelgood moments como o vídeo anterior são uma excelente catarse de "bad faith against bad faith", dois errados que fazem um certo quando os tempos são para errar e parece errado estar certo. Mas, devemos recordar - em rodapé, é certo – se o certo se torna cada vez mais elusivo, parece ser de sua natureza entre sociedades mediáticas. No oposto de montagens de guerrilha para lutas na lama e no vislumbre de tempos mais inocentes, o asterisco necessário à entrada anterior:

"'Too pure for this world': how unfiltered joy became the internet's antidote" 18 jul 2018, (re)publicado hoje, cultura popular, web, e good faith. O vosso resumo tl;dr: "puro", e puro capitalismo. De-puremos então.

We live in a foul world that incentivises the exploitation of the many and the indulgence of the few. A world that condemns people to endless, dehumanising work and invasive unfreedom, even (and especially) in what is sold to us as pleasure. And what’s the opposite of foul? Pure.

Crucially, the pure is redemptive and liberating. Neoliberal capitalism treats us as rugged, atomised individuals ascending a hierarchy; but the pure brings supposed antagonists or asymmetrical social agents together in moments of egalitarian camaraderie and joy.

It’s eventually going to be consumed and shat out, corruption comes to all things. Nonetheless, while we’re alive, the pure challenges us to be surprised, subversive and spontaneous – human qualities the culture industries only seek to strip from us.
in "Too pure for this world" 18 jul 2018

A quem o resumo de executivo é insulto, exploremos. Algumas definições -

  • Perhaps the pure operates as a genuine circuit-breaker: a welcome moment of surprised relief.
  • These moments appeal to universal human values, and have been shared in many different media under many different names.
  • It takes some time and patience to find something so pure and authentic. When we do find it, it’s usually in a place we wouldn’t expect it to be.

in "Too pure for this world" 18 jul 2018

...e comparando com "wholesome memes", propositadamente criados como "antidote to online culture":

Performed to a likeminded audience, wholesome memes are post-ironic, in that they self-reflexively deploy the familiar architecture of memes, but actively subvert snark and mockery in favour of sincerity and empathy.
in "Too pure for this world" 18 jul 2018

...mas contrastados nessa intencionalidade:

Pureness is innocent and uncultivated, and its objects are unaware of being dubbed 'pure'
in "Too pure for this world" 18 jul 2018

... da intenção alerta-se ao perigo de um "intense media scrutiny":

A pure moment becomes crushingly disappointing when it’s revealed to involve prejudice, capitalistic venality, or perhaps the worst sin of all in an artless genre – premeditation.
in "Too pure for this world" 18 jul 2018

Que nos regressa às suspeitas:

It is exhausting to dwell in a grim purgatory where even our emotional responses are weaponised by the forces of capital. No matter where you find your joy, your community, your sense of authentic good, it will inevitably be exploited. “Too pure for this world’” can be a warning label.

I can already see myself beginning to distrust pure moments, not letting myself feel good about them in case they turn out to be fakes concocted by advertisers. It annoys me that we express the pure within proprietary social networks. It frustrates me that online content farms aggregate the pure into listicles.
in "Too pure for this world" 18 jul 2018

E aterrados outra vez em conclusões conhecidas: ainda a Autenticidade.

The logic of “virality” is what degrades the pure; so perhaps for something to be truly pure, it can never achieve widespread popularity.
in "Too pure for this world" 18 jul 2018

E porque terminámos o anterior post em post scriptum de Russel sobre Locke, no tema de éticas nobres, tentativas de melhorar o mundo e tornar o mundo mais feliz e outros fins, insinuação final: