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hum... esta página é antiga (2016): lê o disclaimer ou procura outra mais recente

A última parte do "The TCJ 2015 Year-in-Review" foi publicada hoje 12 fev 2016. Começa assim:

Rumors circulated in September that UK Prime Minister David Cameron had fucked a dead pig’s mouth while a student at Oxford.

Cameron’s (alleged) pig-fucking had little-to-nothing to do with the comic industry, however, and so there’s no earthly reason whatsoever to mention David Cameron’s (alleged) hot, sweaty sexual intercourse with a dead pig.

And yet, I can’t help but think that it’s worth noting in an article about comic books that David Cameron’s semi-erect penis might very well have glided firmly into a dead pig’s mouth, if for no other reason than because while (allegedly) face-fucking the dead pig, maybe David Cameron thought about Spider-Man’s porcine alter-ego Peter Porker, Spider-Ham. It’s possible!

the implications to the comics industry of David Cameron rhythmically pounding his tiny curse into a deceased swine. After all, what would that say about all of us, you, me, that (alleged) pig-fucker David Cameron, all of us, that we all share Peter Porke,r Spider-Ham as a reference point — in Cameron’s (alleged) case, as a reference point for where to put his (alleged) penis?

We should all give this a great deal of thought, except for the poor pig who’s been through enough (allegedly).
in "The TCJ 2015 Year-in-Review Spectacufuck: Part IV" 12 fev 2016

Encontrámos um kindred spirit — esperamos estar à altura de servir igualmente bem os cómicos nacionais quando voltarmos com o Comics et al, se o pudor não nos envergonhar — hint: it wont!

Lamentamos mas hoje o dia arrasta-se e precisávamos de um breve momento de sanidade.
K, back to nonsense now.

e por falar em nonsense